The world has been ruptured. The Beast Machine runs the city, having enticed the tribes to its lair and divided them into clones and demons, all serve the Beast Machine.  It is their master and their bodies grease its cogs. To keep them in line The Beast Machine administers Chimerol, a drug that warps reality, making the grim reality palatable. Stripped of his Chimerol and the blinkers it imposes Zero discovers a dystopian nightmare, from which he seems unable to awake. He seeks a friend, Lori, to awaken her from her stupor, for he recalls the glen of his youth, the babbling brook, the emerald forest and wishes to take her there. But Zero is discovered and must flee the demons sent to to bring him in. 


Zero is a fairy tale for wayward  children to read to their conformist adults…


Stone Mad Runes

An exploration of the ancient origins and meanings of the Futhark runes. This is a well researched book, suitable for newbies, as well as those more versed in runelore. 

In this book the surprising ancient origins are examined and each rune is pared to its essence. Their use in ancient magic is investigated and the book is illustrated throughout by the author. 

City Of The Blind

Trapped in a world that is becoming increasingly surreal Garrious Prime addresses you via a carrot microphone attached to a cardboard box.  His philosophic musings seep through the cracks.


Join Garrious Prime, Captain Club and Hookskin in this glorious and richly illustrated picture book. Part fantasy, part fiction, part pure mental. For those of you suffering Lockdown blues.

Nu-City Blues

This is the first book of Dave Migman's Nu-City Blues graphic novel series. Charlie Lautrec guards the gate to the Underworld... but he falls asleep... and something gets out - And now he's in deep shit!


Murder, mystery, shocks and strangeness, it's all here in a tale that is both engaging and deep.

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